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How to create an apparel brand- One Shirt Away ebook

You are literally a t shirt away from changing your life! All it takes is one t shirt design to hit to start making thousands to millions of dollars. Making t-shirts is a great entry way to entrepreneurship.

I know creating a apparel brand is very exciting, but can also be overwhelming. There are so many moving parts that come with building a apparel business a lot of these social media gurus don't talk about and I know you are tired of piecing together youtube videos to figure out how to start a brand.

Don't fret, I got you! This book will breakdown every aspect of the apparel business from ideation to full out execution.

What you will receive:

  • Every legal form/website you need to be set up as a legitimate business

  • Breakdown of the different forms and business terminology

  • How to get a second phone number for your business for for FREE

  • Vendors we use (basic quality shirt brands, good quality shirt brands, and premium quality shirt brands).

  • Cut and Sew vendors

  • How to find verified oversea vendors

  • 3 ways to make your products

  • Find out what is the best platform to use for e commerce

  • What chrome extension to use to find out what apps, products and themes other brands are using

  • What website to use to plug and play your information into an already high converting landing page

  • All the apps you need to be successful and generate more sales

  • Access to my personal Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Google ads person

  • Marketing Ideas to run the play on

Who will benefit from this resource guide:

  • Individuals who want to start an apparel brand and have no idea where to start

  • Individuals who want to sell other physical products like (bags, towels, jewelry and etc.)

  • Individuals who want to learn the e commerce business in general

I'm no expert, but I've accomplished a lot and made a few mistakes. I know a few things about this apparel industry. If you don't me personally or my apparel business journey, here is a glimpse of it.


One design and the right content, you are literally ONE SHIRT AWAY. It's time to start your business.


Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Clifton
Well Appreciated

Received the ebook to get started with my own apparel company. When I say I received more information than expected it’s a two thumbs up ebook.
Everything is in order.
Thank you Doers Clothing for the Resources!